Ruger MK II,III Grips

We carry a large selection of Ruger MK II Grips.Only a small selection for MKIII.

We carry nothing for the Ruger MK I or the Ruger 22/45 .22 cal Ruger pistols

Ruger Target Grip

Target Mark II Palm Rest

Target  MarkII with Palm Rest  

Target  MK II with palm Rest

Cost $60.00 +  8.00 s/h


          I n stock: Rosewood (1) , Walnut (1),  Silver-Black (2)

                          Rosewood ckd (1). Price is $75.00 plus $8.00 s/h 





P Plain Diamond wood  
   Panels in wood

 $25.00 plus s/h $8.00

 In stock: Silver-black(2)MK II,(1)MKIII (2) Rosewood (1)MKIII,

MKII (0)Walnut (0)MKII,MKII (2)







Ruger MK II Stipple grips   

   Checkered  MKII panel  In stock: rosewood(1)

   Stippled MKII panel        In stock: rosewood(0)

     Price is $40.00 plus $8.00 s/h

MKIII Target with Palm Rest  on the right. Price $60.00 plus $7.00 s/h. In stock: Rosewood(0),Walnut (2),Silver-black(0).

Target MKIII with Palm Rest,Crocback on the left. Price is $75.00 plus s/h $8.00. In stock:(0)


Basket Weave panel for MKIII  on left  In stock:(1). Price is $40.00 plus $7.00 s/h.
Checkered w/oak tree on right.
In stock: (1). Price is $40.00 plus s/h $8.00. Both are only currently available in rosewood only.

For additional information or a quote call Chuck at



      Sp101rubber w ckd rosewood insert(0)

 Price is $45.00 plus $8.00 s/h
Gp100 rubber w ckd rosewood insert (1).Price is $45.00 plus $8.00 s/h